Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toolbox for storage decor??

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by to see what is going on. Its been a little crazy this week with a new workout routine, maddy starting the daycare at the gym, trying to survive extreme heat warning and record breaking temperatures. Its terribly difficult for me since I am a outdoor person. I hate staying inside all the time. But the heat has kept me from going outside to finish painting my upcoming projects. So here is a little something that I have did in about an hour. I found this cute rustic tool box at GW for chee-aapppp! Love half off days! Anyway, I love it.. So it didnt have the handle, which I was gonna have the hubs make but decided I like it the way it was. I sprayed painted it with Aqua spray paint by Krylon after giving it a quick sanding and cleaning. Outside of course, but I was out for 5 mins and in for 20.. then again.. and inside for the remainder. augh.. heat go away, come again another... year!!

Before (dont mind the dead grass; its going bye bye very soon)
 After letting it dry I glazed it with Valspar antiquing glaze. I would have used Ralph Lauren but 1) I was too lazy to haul it out of the garage (even hotter) and 2) I think I was out. Hmm.. Problem solved. Its temporarily holding all my baking necessities in my kitchen but I have a better place for it in my laundry room. I love these ideas with the glass jars holding the detergents, and fabric softener, although I dont use powder products (too messy for me) it would look cute with all the jars in this "toolbox". Just might be switching to dry soap.. lol

Hope you enjoyed.. Lots of fun! And with the holidays coming I cant wait to start on the crafty projects!! Yippy!! What crafts for the holidays are you looking forward to creating??

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. How did you get the shelf over your washer and dryer? I love it and I would love to do that to my laundry room. Did you tile a piece of wood and then make your own backsplash?

  2. Hi Bridgett. That actually is not my laundry room! Its a wonderful inspirational photo that I really liked. So sorry. But yes, if it were me. I would totally get a piece of wood. Depending how deep you want it. Put supports up, and tile the wood after securing it to the supports! That would look AWESOME!! Good luck!