Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photo display or Message board

So I think you are getting the point that I am obsessed with burlap. Im not sure what it is.. Maybe that Fall is around the corner and something about it reminds me of the holidays. I dont know, but whatever it is.. I LIKE IT!

My sisters birthday was yesterday and she is getting a gift that I made... Plus a few knick-knacks.. but she has a new apartment. When I visited I noticed she had lots of photos up on the wall. Idea?? Yes!! Photo display of some sort I thought to myself.
So here is what I came up with.
 I started out with a large frame from Goodwill. Half off!! Can I getta woot woot! I also picked up 2 photos with frames from Dollar Tree! Great place to get simple frames, btw!!

(Total $5)
Remove the photos from the frames.

Prep them. I lightly sanded the wood one on the left, but the other two were metal and plastic so they were good.
Spray Paint (Rustoleum Heirloom White)
I had to do two coats on the wood one because the grains were showing a little more than I wanted. Probably could have been prevented by using a primer, but hey.. Im impatient!

Let those dry...

Got the burlap?

Ok I used the cardboard that was already on the large frame, but if glass came with yours, thats ok too! Do the same thing.

Ok.. So lay your glass or cardboard over the burlap, cut the burlap an inch bigger on each side.
Here is the fun part.. not.. well kinda..

Apply Spray adhesive to the cardboard or glass. Flip it over onto the burlap making sure its pretty even on all sides. YAY!!

Glue the edges with a glue gun to the back of the glass or cardboard.
This is what it looks like done. Right side up of course!

Check on your frames...
Ok.. Time for fun. Sand the edges for distressing, if you like.. I LIKE LIKE!!
Apply a antiquing glaze. I still have yet to pick up RL, but love this one too! Valspar Antiquing glaze. Wipe on and wipe off!

Distressed with glaze
Apply the burlap covered cardboard or glass back onto the frame. It may be a smudge tight because of the added width of the burlap, but you can do it! promise! If I can, you can!

Done! Now for the actual fun part!
Get that glue gun hot and those painted dollar frames close! Line them up how you like them and where you want them to go. I wanted my main frame vertical so I set them up to suit that look. Hot glue the corners and apply. Let dry! Quick, huh?!
It looked a little dull by itself so I added some keys I got from Michaels for $1 each!! In the $ section up front!
$1.88 for 4 at Walmart in the office area.
You can choose to paint these too! Fun colors like teal or lagoon blue by rustoleum would be awesome or even Red!? Hmm.. Depends on the decor and your taste! My sisters apartment is new to the decorating so I figured I would keep it neutral for her. Plus the metal gave it some texture! Apply with hot glue inside the smaller frames where the pics are going to be held...

Hang with beautiful pictures and you are set! I am totally making an extra large one for my living room. Once I find a frame big enough! But what a great gift.. You could even include the pics in the gift!
Could even be a cute message board. Maybe add corkboard to the back and cover with burlap! Hmm.. Idea!!
Anyway. I hope you like! Have fun making yours!

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  1. Very cute! Love the keys you added, too!

  2. what an AMAZING transformation! I don't think I would have realized that you had the smaller frames in there without your tutorial but now you have me really thinking! I LOVE this! Thank you so much for the inspiration and for linking up over at crafty scrappy happy!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  3. Hi, I love this idea. This came out great! I think I might try this.

  4. I have a huge frame I want to use to create a changeable gallery wall and your project is definitely helping me see how I could make that idea work. Love the burlap, love the keys!!