Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old stool turned new

So I have finally found a minute to post this project. It seems like this week and weekend seriously flew by! Amazing! Well.. here is one of the projects I was working on this weekend along with the wreath. This cute little stool I found in California at a garage sale. Wanna know how much I got it for??!! Yes!?! $1!!! Woo hoo.. score! I needed one for maddy when she washes her hands in the bathroom and for when she starts to consistently use the "big girl potty". And well for those times she needs a little moment to herself.. Does anyone else use time outs on their little ones that don't listen?? Well mine is 15 months, and I have had to do it once (30secs) lol does that even count.. But she got the point. As for now it stays in the bathroom for hand washing and as a foot prop.. 

Sanded, wood filler where needed. Painted with antique white in Glidden paint + primer (Love for small projects)
stencil (50% off @HL) and acrylic paint.. any color. This is Metallic Rose
be sure to hold the stencil in place. I was lazy (huh, weird) and just held it!
Tu-duh.. Peel off slowly while its still wet and wash the stencil with wet a paper towel
I had these stamps from a sale at michaels but you can find them anywhere! HL has them too... use the 40% off coupon!
Ok. So almost done. Now.. let it dry.. COMPLETELY! Sand it down with a light grit sand paper (I used 220). This give it that aged look I was going for!
Be sure to use some poly over it. I did since it will get some use out of it!
Hopefully we wont be using it for TO, but it was a cute saying.. so why not! Here is another little project that can be done on a dime. Love it! Stools seem to be everywhere and if you cant get one at a garage, or thrift sale, HL and Michaels sells them. And usually 50% off too! Yippee!
Have fun!
Now next up..... Ready?? Although my weather is not, Fall crafts!

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