Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little something for Fall decor

So I have made it a goal to complete all my little projects while our backyard is being completed. Meaning no BIG projects around the house.. Sigh.. (sad) Oh well. I will let those ideas run free and gather them up when I am able to conquer the home improvements after Mr. S is done out back.
Here is a little something I made from leftover 2 x 3's. I got some inspiration from my girlfriend, Ashley, who made her mama's some cute pumpkins! ( Ill post that picture as soon as she sends me one... ASH!!)

So here they are..


My moms

I made a pair for myself, and a pair for my mom. She needs some fall inspiration by her front door. So why not make her some?! Perfect gift for the holidays or a just cause, and perfect for fall decor! I am in love with fall decor, hence the decor tutorials!

Ok.. So you wanna know how to make these?
Super simple..
Seriously took me... hmmm... and hour total.. dry time included!
Ok.. here it is.
  I cut scrap 2 x 3s I had leftover from a previous project. I just started cutting. How ever wide or tall, depending on the orientation you want your pumpkin to stand. Measure them out to the size you want and cut. I cut to make four blocks for mine, and I had some smaller pieces for a small pumpkin and made that one with 3. So you can totally customize this project for your measurements.
Cut and Sanded. Wiped down.
Paint is called Pumpkin Orange. Stain is for later
Spray your blocks. 2 coats. Front and back.
I distressed mine a little with an electric sander.
Here is where the stain comes in. I like to use wood stain for actual wood. It grabs on better. So I just wiped a "LITTLE" around the edge of the blocks. Mainly where I sanded and distressed them. Then wiped off the excess, but do it quickly or it will stay.
My BFF, Gorilla wood glue. Glue them together. I waited about 10 mins but they are secure after 30, and fully dry after 24 hrs.
Now its time to decorate. Add your ribbon. I used wire ribbon to hold the bow shape on the top. Cut a strip of burlap to add some texture and tie it on along with the ribbon. Add some glass beady things. These I got at HL and they were 50%, got them for $1. YEA!! hot glue the bow and burlap along with the glass bead garland accessory. (what DO you call that thing??). And you are done!

You will have to wait for another post to see the transformation of this nightstand to an end table bookcase! Love it!

Here is another picture of the ones for my mom. 
I spray painted all the blocks with the pumpkin orange, and I wanted a white one, so I sprayed heirloom white over that. The orange came through perfectly after the distressing step! Love it! 

I meant to do mine vertically, but spaced it and they ended up horizontal. Oh, well.. It happens, right?! Still looks cute to me!

I just may be making myself a larger white one for outside!?!

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  1. What an adorable idea!!! I'm a big fan of new takes on traditional things, like turning a pumpkin into a square!!! :) Nicely done!!!