Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dollar Tree apothecary holders in 1 hour

Hey everyone. Its seems like forever, but I have been crazy busy with so many projects and Bis-a-ness, I cant seem to get a second to put it on the blog. But here is a quick little post for those that need holders to put those holiday (yummy smelling) candles.  I love candles and what better way to add sparkle to a little area.. And from the dollar tree.. How could it get much better!??!
I love the Dollar tree! Seriously.. Its so neat to walk through and see what fun stuff I can create from something for only a buck!
Here you are..

3 glass candle stick holders. I bought 2 of the large cylinder vases, and a short one. The short one was located in the candle isle. They have TONS to choose from. Choose what you like.

Epoxy glue the bottoms to the top. Put a book on top for pressure and let dry 30 mins.. Ta-duh. Fill with your choice of candle or candy and your done.

I may be giving these to my sister for her apartment decor and make another set with wooden tops.. Well see. Ill post a link to that "if" it turns out well!
Have fun shopping at the Dollar Tree.. plus I got the candles there too.. Yummy smelling for fall actually. Normally I get the unscented but these actually don't have a powerful smell and are decent too!
I have already started using the candles.. So pardon the wax melting already!! Love them and the flames sparkle so pretty at night.

See you next post!

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  1. These jars are seriously cute!!!! what a brilliant idea. I've been exploring your blog and I am amazed at your creativity. :D