Sunday, October 2, 2011

Member that chandelier I purchased over at GW??

Hey all.
So do you all remember that chandelier I found miraculously hiding in a box at Goodwill.. $15?? Anyone?? Check it out here.
Well. I have been hunting around for a place to get the prisms and beads. I had luck at, and a website my grams had found. Although they were relatively cheap I wanted to go "cheaper". So here is the before and the after of what I came up with.. Tell me what you think.. Cheap to Chic??
Here is a little way to update your chandelier on a serious dime.

I have a pretty small budget when it comes to decorating. So i make it go as far as I can.
So for this project I was not about to spend $40 on crystals to make this chandelier work.

Finally.. came up with some ideas..

One... in particular that worked...

Dollar tree.. Again??! yes.. I was inspired to check there first..

I found "Disco ball" bead necklaces in the party area. They were the exact size as the glass beads already on the chandelier. Score!!

So I got to work..
Black gloss spray paint, and a coat hanger.
break them apart to a single strand and take off any extra plastic pieces.
Spray paint.. Be patient here, dont miss any areas. You will notice!
I started measuring and playing around with them after they were done drying.

glue gun ready??


Scissors close?

Here we go!
I glued them to areas I thought they needed to go and added some to the bottom and voila! You have a completed chandelier for $2! They came in packs of 2, and I needed 2 packs!
Woo hoo!!

What do you think??
Like it?
Does it look cheap or chic??!

Comment and let me know what you think?

This was placed in my entry way.. I debated painting it a fun color, but thought black would be elegant and timeless. So it stayed black... uh humm.. for the time being anyway! 

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Now to actually work on the entry way.. Here is what it looks like now..
Pretty boring, right?? I have tried a few pics and mirrors, but thats it!! Its time for serious revamp!!


  1. Your chandelier looks sweet! Nice job!

  2. Are you kidding me?????? It not only looks 100 times better it was TWO DOLLARS!!!!! I'm pinning this cuz it's just a fantastic redo!!!!!

  3. Oh wow, chic for sure!! I would never have guessed that those beads weren't originally part of the chandelier, love it!

  4. WOW! There's awesome and then there's freaking awesome! Totally pinning this!

  5. Great redo!!! over from YTTM.

  6. What a transformation! You did an excellent job. Well done! God bless x

  7. This is just so beautiful. What a great transformation! And less than $20 for the whole thing?!!! Get out!!!
    I have tried to respray string beads before and had such a hard time with it that I gave up and tossed them out. If I only knew about the magic plastic hanger trick!

  8. I totally loved what you've done to perk it up - awesome job - I'm all for the doing things on a dime budget! That's the only way to fly.