Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chandelier find at Goodwill

So I made a goal not to purchase anything for home decor projects until I finished all the ones I already had stacked up.. AGGH!! I seriously could not help myself with this purchase. This amazing little gem was sitting all by its lonesome, in the box!! No one dared to open it, but I had to do the honors! As soon as I did, I saw 2 other ladies swoon over it.. Waiting for me to pass on it! NOPE! I waited for the hubby to come by with the cart and dropped it in! It is from AF lighting, whom Candice Olson designs with (love her). Its called the Savory design. It retails for $232.60. WOW!! Adorable.. and I have the perfect place for it. Here is the picture from the website.


I did notice after putting it all together some of the crystals were gone, but I know a great site to get those and once I remember what that site is Ill let you all know! I will post a before pic and after once I get the crystals ordered. Until then.. Don't be afraid to open the unopened boxes in Goodwill! You will more than likely find a treasure! Good Luck in your treasure hunting!

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