Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amazing find from an estate sale

This past week we took our little angel to visit with family. It was a much needed getaway and time needed to spend with loved ones. During our stay with my amazing grandparents, my grandma found an estate sale that was just down the street from her. I love her area in California. Its so cute and so close to the beach, so you can imagine how her home and all the others are.. Beautiful and comfy! Well anyway, We were determined to be there early, so I slipped out as the hubs and princess were fast asleep. We made it to the sale right on time, but there were people already there. Wow! So we were hunting around, and I thought maybe we really weren't gonna find anything. But we started roaming around the house and what did we find on the wall in the bedroom?! YES, beautiful antique frames! Bubbles frames too! I have loved these type of frames, and have been looking for them all over the place. But new ones are made of plastic (at least at my price range) or I cant find them. What do you know? My grandma can haggle (this may be where I get it from) and we got them for $15 for the pair! So check out the transformation they have to get placed into my princess Madisyn's room!
Before: Aren't they gorgeous?!
Blue Lagoon in satin finish

I didn't feel a need to prime them as they wouldn't be handled too much. The spray paint will hold up well. I love this spray paint, 2x the coverage.
Love the detail it adds to her room

Ill eventually add some pics in the frame
These frames are lovely in her room! It completes her reading corner! I love it! So chic and girlie. I would love this room! Actually I often visit this area for a little reading time myself (childrens books of course, and to my sweetie pie).
See what you can paint to add a bit of color to your decor!! Its fun, promise!!
Come back soon. I have an awesome bookcase redo that will let you know how to make your old and dated bookcase look new!
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  1. OH MY GOSH!! I got this SAME pair at my local thrift store about a month ago -- with the curved glass I couldn't resist them. They were have a 50% off entire store day so I got them for $5.00 each. Not sure what I'm going to do with them but they for sure are staying in my house SOMEWHERE!