Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mantel is up!!!

Hey there!!

I have been waiting to put pics up of our mantel... and it is finally up and decorated for the holidays!

We don't have a fireplace.. but love mantels and the fun decorating you can do with them during the changing seasons! So here is my take on the fireplace mantel decor!

BTW.. The mantel idea was from Shabby-2-chic's blog.. They used it for an entry way shelf to display pics! Check it out if you want to make one for your home!

Without further delay...
 Here it is!

Perfect place for all my family photos!
Love the hooks!! Hobby Lobby peeps, where else?!
wrag garland wrapped around christmas lights.
Love christmas! This is perfect decor for my home!
P.S. Dont mind the areas that look wet. Its because they are. Had to fill the screws and paint..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Table refinished.. and love it!

I have been looking for an end table for sometime now. Now, I know there are tons out there.. but I am picky with what I want and what I come up with in my mind..
So I hunt till I find it.
I needed something with a large top for drinks, books, games, kids stuff, etc.. well... as time went on...and nothing was appearing.....

...Until a trip to DI and I found this beauty!!

Started priming once again.. The wood was in pretty rough shape. But nothing some good sanding couldn't fix.

Love it! Drop leaf end table.. perfect for when its card game time with the hubs or crafts with the little one.. I can close it up to put next to the couch and still have loads of room for my morning coffee or evening cup of tea..
Now to refinish it!! Hate the brown!!!

So here is the after!
Hope you like!

So I didn't even clean the floors before taking the pics I was too excited!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some more checked off the "To Do" list

As some of you read I had a long to do list for crafts and holiday decor on my previous post.. Well I happened to conquer some of them with a much needed ladies craft night! (a little help from the hubs with the kids, Thanks honey!)
Check it out.

Ruffle Pillows- Check!

Wrag garland- Check!

Stockings- Check! Those pics will be up shortly! I want to show them hung and not sadly laying down on a table waiting to be hung.. Poor things.. They deserve to be seen!
Sneak Peek!

Christmas Tree painted by my little angel! Love it! and love pinterest for the idea!!

And a peek at our Christmas tree!
Please don't look at the paint in the back.. I was waiting for Mr. S to get home so he could move the tree!

We are completely getting in the holiday spirit this year! LOVE every second of it!