Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some more checked off the "To Do" list

As some of you read I had a long to do list for crafts and holiday decor on my previous post.. Well I happened to conquer some of them with a much needed ladies craft night! (a little help from the hubs with the kids, Thanks honey!)
Check it out.

Ruffle Pillows- Check!

Wrag garland- Check!

Stockings- Check! Those pics will be up shortly! I want to show them hung and not sadly laying down on a table waiting to be hung.. Poor things.. They deserve to be seen!
Sneak Peek!

Christmas Tree painted by my little angel! Love it! and love pinterest for the idea!!

And a peek at our Christmas tree!
Please don't look at the paint in the back.. I was waiting for Mr. S to get home so he could move the tree!

We are completely getting in the holiday spirit this year! LOVE every second of it!

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