Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get Ready! To those who have not become a follower..

Hey everyone.. To those who are following this far, Thank you. It has been lots of work getting this site up and going and keeping up with it.. Its hard enough to do all these projects, and then... to talk about it.. lol But thats the part I enjoy. I would really love for this site to get bigger and become a site that creative souls and those looking for crafts, or inspiration can come and get those ideas.
I hope all of these projects have inspired you to get creative. I wanted to let you know that once I hit 30 followers I plan on doing a giveaway.. And to give a little hint to what that may be here is a pic.. Fun and so cute!! I love distressing... ANYTHING!! So tell your friends and follow along.. Here is a small hint of what the giveaway will be!! Thanks everyone for your support and kind words!

I am loving this blue lagoon color from Rustoleum. (Sneek Peek)

New projects for this week

Hey all!! Its been a few days, I have been super busy at home getting some home improvements completed. I will post those shortly, but I wanted to share some of the projects I will be completing this week! Super excited.

Cute stool for $1 (its going to be repainted and stenciled for a stepping stool for Maddy)

Beautiful solid wood bench/storage chest (Will be refinished and up for sale)
The before of my nearly complete project now {FOR SALE}
These are just some of the projects on my list for this week! Completely excited! If you are interested in any of the pieces (minus the stool) let me know.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bookcase re-newed

So I have this old bookcase that was given to us.. Not exactly sure where, but we ended up with it.. It certainly needs some life brought back to it. Sooo.. My daughter needs one for all her books in her room and here is my chance to create one.. The top is warped from repeated glasses being placed on it and getting water on it. Its not real wood so Ill be replacing that. and the bottom seems to have some wear as I put it outside and with the monsoon it sat in water for the night. Booo... So Ill be covering it up with pretty molding!! Here is the before... and here is how you can revamp an old, fake wood bookcase and make it look like a million bucks.. ok not a million, but worth more than it was.

The bottom was getting warped from being outside 

After: Notice the molding on the bottom

The top was replaced, so I decided to replace the shelf too.
 This only took a day to complete. I spray painted the bookcase after giving it a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper. While that was drying, I had the hubby cut me my wood and I stained them with walnut cherry. 1 coat, and I didn't wipe it off like it says to. I wanted to see how dark it would get without removing the excess. It turned out perfect. After allowing all pieces to dry, I had the hubs nail the top boards in and add supports with 1x2 for the shelf. And voila! Done! 2 spray cans of Rustoleum Antique white = $3.67/each, 2 1x6x8 = $4/each, walnut cherry stain = $5.97, 1x2 = had on hand. Love it! Total for refinish = $22. All the products can be purchased at Lowe's.. Love this store.. So many amazing products and great service.

Come by soon! I have lots of projects that you will love if you liked this one..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amazing find from an estate sale

This past week we took our little angel to visit with family. It was a much needed getaway and time needed to spend with loved ones. During our stay with my amazing grandparents, my grandma found an estate sale that was just down the street from her. I love her area in California. Its so cute and so close to the beach, so you can imagine how her home and all the others are.. Beautiful and comfy! Well anyway, We were determined to be there early, so I slipped out as the hubs and princess were fast asleep. We made it to the sale right on time, but there were people already there. Wow! So we were hunting around, and I thought maybe we really weren't gonna find anything. But we started roaming around the house and what did we find on the wall in the bedroom?! YES, beautiful antique frames! Bubbles frames too! I have loved these type of frames, and have been looking for them all over the place. But new ones are made of plastic (at least at my price range) or I cant find them. What do you know? My grandma can haggle (this may be where I get it from) and we got them for $15 for the pair! So check out the transformation they have to get placed into my princess Madisyn's room!
Before: Aren't they gorgeous?!
Blue Lagoon in satin finish

I didn't feel a need to prime them as they wouldn't be handled too much. The spray paint will hold up well. I love this spray paint, 2x the coverage.
Love the detail it adds to her room

Ill eventually add some pics in the frame
These frames are lovely in her room! It completes her reading corner! I love it! So chic and girlie. I would love this room! Actually I often visit this area for a little reading time myself (childrens books of course, and to my sweetie pie).
See what you can paint to add a bit of color to your decor!! Its fun, promise!!
Come back soon. I have an awesome bookcase redo that will let you know how to make your old and dated bookcase look new!
Check out this blog at Southern Hospitality for more great finds!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Remember that old french door???

I had posted in an earlier post about painting the french door that we had put in the "soon to be" walk in pantry. Well I couldn't decide on a color but got so much inspiration from so many sites.. I finally bit the bullet and picked a color.. Here is the before picture of the 100 year old door from an old home in Chandler. We purchased the door at Merchant Square in Chandler, AZ. Love that place!

Behind the couch you see the bare door, sorry, didn't get the whole door.
AFTER (horrible lighting, it was night time when I finished)
Hours of sanding, a 1/2 hour of taping all the little glass windows, 6 hours for painting and periods of drying. And all for an amazing door I am in love with. Door - $38, sanding- free (thanks honey), paint - $9. Project amount = $47.
 I love the black doors! I was going to paint it turquoise blue but decided to keep it neutral since I want to RE-paint the living room and I AM NOT painting this guy again!!  I am in LOVE with the black!!! Now I just need to get some contact paper or privacy paper and block out the windows.. Maybe.. I want to redo the inside of the "now closet" and get it ready for a pantry! But well see... Time will tell. I will keep you all up to date on this little project. Get Crazy and paint your door, the kitchen, garage, front door, or even your pantry door! Good luck with the painting!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chandelier find at Goodwill

So I made a goal not to purchase anything for home decor projects until I finished all the ones I already had stacked up.. AGGH!! I seriously could not help myself with this purchase. This amazing little gem was sitting all by its lonesome, in the box!! No one dared to open it, but I had to do the honors! As soon as I did, I saw 2 other ladies swoon over it.. Waiting for me to pass on it! NOPE! I waited for the hubby to come by with the cart and dropped it in! It is from AF lighting, whom Candice Olson designs with (love her). Its called the Savory design. It retails for $232.60. WOW!! Adorable.. and I have the perfect place for it. Here is the picture from the website.


I did notice after putting it all together some of the crystals were gone, but I know a great site to get those and once I remember what that site is Ill let you all know! I will post a before pic and after once I get the crystals ordered. Until then.. Don't be afraid to open the unopened boxes in Goodwill! You will more than likely find a treasure! Good Luck in your treasure hunting!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From trash side to couch side

I needed a project..well did I really NEED?? Oh well, I am always looking for new things to accomplish, make, design, paint... what ever it may be.. And this time I was on a mission for side tables. I found a pair on Craigslist for $10. AMAZING! Solid wood, but the tops were in horrible shape. They had carvings and burn marks so those were gonna have to go and be replaced. So I was thinking cream with stained wood for the tops! Oooh.. How I love that combo.. Here are the before pics of the poor things...

this was after I had sanded the base

Horrible top
Painted the base in antique white before applying antique glaze
The tops were stained in cherry walnut and secured
The left one just got a coat of poly (hence the shiny areas) and the one on the right is finished.
Got to add the accessories... Knobs!! 
Now I cant wait to deliver them to their new owner!! Exciting! I know she will love them as much as I do!
 Btw... Dont try and secure a wooden top on your wood floors indoors, even if it is 100 + degrees outside.. You just may end up repairing a hole.. Uhhhmmmm... Long story.. But don't do it!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great find..

I had an amazing find on Craigslist a few weeks ago. For those of you who know me, this is a typical norm to find EVERYTHING on Craigslist. I have an obsession with not paying full price for anything! So this week I found an amazing Coffee Table for $20! $20!!? Can you believe it! It was in pretty decent shape too. It was a cherry stained table, which I had other plans for that. I was so excited to get to work on the table that I forgot to take a before picture, but here are some between and final pics!
After sanding and priming
Painted with Vintage Cream and an oops sample jar of grey blue from Lowe's.
Distressed a bit and glazed over it with Valspar antiquing glaze in black.
This table really added to the living room. Its a better
balance of size compared to our ottoman before, and with a price you just cant beat, $20 for the table, $1 for the oops paint, antique white paint had on hand, $8 for antiquing glaze = $29. Dont mind the bare wood french door. We just put that up for our "to be" walk in pantry. Cant wait! But still looking for ideas on color of paint!! Love the inspiration of these pictures! What to do..??? Hmmm...

By Decor Pad
By Trove Interiors
By Cooking up Style
Love the pantry wall paper.. Ideas!!??
Let me know what you think... Come back and Ill post about my next find I just picked up..