Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little something for Fall decor

So I have made it a goal to complete all my little projects while our backyard is being completed. Meaning no BIG projects around the house.. Sigh.. (sad) Oh well. I will let those ideas run free and gather them up when I am able to conquer the home improvements after Mr. S is done out back.
Here is a little something I made from leftover 2 x 3's. I got some inspiration from my girlfriend, Ashley, who made her mama's some cute pumpkins! ( Ill post that picture as soon as she sends me one... ASH!!)

So here they are..


My moms

I made a pair for myself, and a pair for my mom. She needs some fall inspiration by her front door. So why not make her some?! Perfect gift for the holidays or a just cause, and perfect for fall decor! I am in love with fall decor, hence the decor tutorials!

Ok.. So you wanna know how to make these?
Super simple..
Seriously took me... hmmm... and hour total.. dry time included!
Ok.. here it is.
  I cut scrap 2 x 3s I had leftover from a previous project. I just started cutting. How ever wide or tall, depending on the orientation you want your pumpkin to stand. Measure them out to the size you want and cut. I cut to make four blocks for mine, and I had some smaller pieces for a small pumpkin and made that one with 3. So you can totally customize this project for your measurements.
Cut and Sanded. Wiped down.
Paint is called Pumpkin Orange. Stain is for later
Spray your blocks. 2 coats. Front and back.
I distressed mine a little with an electric sander.
Here is where the stain comes in. I like to use wood stain for actual wood. It grabs on better. So I just wiped a "LITTLE" around the edge of the blocks. Mainly where I sanded and distressed them. Then wiped off the excess, but do it quickly or it will stay.
My BFF, Gorilla wood glue. Glue them together. I waited about 10 mins but they are secure after 30, and fully dry after 24 hrs.
Now its time to decorate. Add your ribbon. I used wire ribbon to hold the bow shape on the top. Cut a strip of burlap to add some texture and tie it on along with the ribbon. Add some glass beady things. These I got at HL and they were 50%, got them for $1. YEA!! hot glue the bow and burlap along with the glass bead garland accessory. (what DO you call that thing??). And you are done!

You will have to wait for another post to see the transformation of this nightstand to an end table bookcase! Love it!

Here is another picture of the ones for my mom. 
I spray painted all the blocks with the pumpkin orange, and I wanted a white one, so I sprayed heirloom white over that. The orange came through perfectly after the distressing step! Love it! 

I meant to do mine vertically, but spaced it and they ended up horizontal. Oh, well.. It happens, right?! Still looks cute to me!

I just may be making myself a larger white one for outside!?!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photo display or Message board

So I think you are getting the point that I am obsessed with burlap. Im not sure what it is.. Maybe that Fall is around the corner and something about it reminds me of the holidays. I dont know, but whatever it is.. I LIKE IT!

My sisters birthday was yesterday and she is getting a gift that I made... Plus a few knick-knacks.. but she has a new apartment. When I visited I noticed she had lots of photos up on the wall. Idea?? Yes!! Photo display of some sort I thought to myself.
So here is what I came up with.
 I started out with a large frame from Goodwill. Half off!! Can I getta woot woot! I also picked up 2 photos with frames from Dollar Tree! Great place to get simple frames, btw!!

(Total $5)
Remove the photos from the frames.

Prep them. I lightly sanded the wood one on the left, but the other two were metal and plastic so they were good.
Spray Paint (Rustoleum Heirloom White)
I had to do two coats on the wood one because the grains were showing a little more than I wanted. Probably could have been prevented by using a primer, but hey.. Im impatient!

Let those dry...

Got the burlap?

Ok I used the cardboard that was already on the large frame, but if glass came with yours, thats ok too! Do the same thing.

Ok.. So lay your glass or cardboard over the burlap, cut the burlap an inch bigger on each side.
Here is the fun part.. not.. well kinda..

Apply Spray adhesive to the cardboard or glass. Flip it over onto the burlap making sure its pretty even on all sides. YAY!!

Glue the edges with a glue gun to the back of the glass or cardboard.
This is what it looks like done. Right side up of course!

Check on your frames...
Ok.. Time for fun. Sand the edges for distressing, if you like.. I LIKE LIKE!!
Apply a antiquing glaze. I still have yet to pick up RL, but love this one too! Valspar Antiquing glaze. Wipe on and wipe off!

Distressed with glaze
Apply the burlap covered cardboard or glass back onto the frame. It may be a smudge tight because of the added width of the burlap, but you can do it! promise! If I can, you can!

Done! Now for the actual fun part!
Get that glue gun hot and those painted dollar frames close! Line them up how you like them and where you want them to go. I wanted my main frame vertical so I set them up to suit that look. Hot glue the corners and apply. Let dry! Quick, huh?!
It looked a little dull by itself so I added some keys I got from Michaels for $1 each!! In the $ section up front!
$1.88 for 4 at Walmart in the office area.
You can choose to paint these too! Fun colors like teal or lagoon blue by rustoleum would be awesome or even Red!? Hmm.. Depends on the decor and your taste! My sisters apartment is new to the decorating so I figured I would keep it neutral for her. Plus the metal gave it some texture! Apply with hot glue inside the smaller frames where the pics are going to be held...

Hang with beautiful pictures and you are set! I am totally making an extra large one for my living room. Once I find a frame big enough! But what a great gift.. You could even include the pics in the gift!
Could even be a cute message board. Maybe add corkboard to the back and cover with burlap! Hmm.. Idea!!
Anyway. I hope you like! Have fun making yours!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Storage Bench from salvation

This amazing piece got me so excited when I went shopping with my grandma in California. We hit up her local Salvation Army thrift store. I saw this immediately and fell in love! I have been looking for a bench to refinish for a while now and here was my chance. The price... well.. I worked on the price a little and saved $5 by haggling the manager. YAY!
Here is the before

I liked it just like this too, but I wanted to add color.
And the AFTER:
I had an oops paint in gray, but it was a little dark so I added some white to the gray.. Perfect color, I think!
Distressed and use of dark walnut stain on the areas of distressing.
The top was in not so good shape and was not level at all. So I asked Mr. S to remove it and replace it. I stained it with dark walnut. I love it! So pretty!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just in time for Fall

So every year, around February, when its still cold (cold for me) I hope for June to come so we can enjoy the summer fun. But by this time of year, when I am OVER the heat I look forward to Fall.. The decor, the colors, the smell and of course, the COOLER weather! Paaa---lease hurry up and cool down a bit! I want to be outside with the family. And.... to decorate the house!

So I still have yet to pull down the tub of fall decor, but every year I try to do something new to add to my ever slightly growing pile. I saw this photo on Pinterest, and had to copy it. But, you know me, as cheap as I could. So Dollar Store here I come. I found the standard plastic pumpkins. $1 a piece. Yay! They were a little more at the craft stores. Steal! Here are the pics of how to create a cute center piece like this one for Fall for less than $12.

Remove the stems (they pop right off)
Trusty and favorite color white (Rustoleum in Satin Heirloom White)
Spray the top first and allow to dry completely, turn over and spray again. Light sprays will do it!
Put the stems back on
I used a produce tier, but I may change to cake stand tiers. Display the "grass" (HL $1.67 with coupon) Pretty positive I saw this at the Dollar Tree also in the craft isle.
Display your pumpkins. I also found some small pumpkins to add some color. $1 for the package of 4-5 I think.
There you go! 
Ill post the picture of the cake stand in place of the produce tier.
Hope you like it.. SUPER simple.
I have a few more crafts I'm working on now, so get ready.. I got to spiff up this table piece (which will be getting a new look also) with some more fun decor. See you soon.

I was featured  here. Check out this blog, super awesome ideas and fun furniture refinishes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old stool turned new

So I have finally found a minute to post this project. It seems like this week and weekend seriously flew by! Amazing! Well.. here is one of the projects I was working on this weekend along with the wreath. This cute little stool I found in California at a garage sale. Wanna know how much I got it for??!! Yes!?! $1!!! Woo hoo.. score! I needed one for maddy when she washes her hands in the bathroom and for when she starts to consistently use the "big girl potty". And well for those times she needs a little moment to herself.. Does anyone else use time outs on their little ones that don't listen?? Well mine is 15 months, and I have had to do it once (30secs) lol does that even count.. But she got the point. As for now it stays in the bathroom for hand washing and as a foot prop.. 

Sanded, wood filler where needed. Painted with antique white in Glidden paint + primer (Love for small projects)
stencil (50% off @HL) and acrylic paint.. any color. This is Metallic Rose
be sure to hold the stencil in place. I was lazy (huh, weird) and just held it!
Tu-duh.. Peel off slowly while its still wet and wash the stencil with wet a paper towel
I had these stamps from a sale at michaels but you can find them anywhere! HL has them too... use the 40% off coupon!
Ok. So almost done. Now.. let it dry.. COMPLETELY! Sand it down with a light grit sand paper (I used 220). This give it that aged look I was going for!
Be sure to use some poly over it. I did since it will get some use out of it!
Hopefully we wont be using it for TO, but it was a cute saying.. so why not! Here is another little project that can be done on a dime. Love it! Stools seem to be everywhere and if you cant get one at a garage, or thrift sale, HL and Michaels sells them. And usually 50% off too! Yippee!
Have fun!
Now next up..... Ready?? Although my weather is not, Fall crafts!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wreath with burlap

So I had a fun  time last night crafting.  I made a fall wreath! I love it!! I got some inspiration from Pinterest.. those of you who love pinterest give me a woot woot! Its a fave! Anyway.. I am obsessed with Burlap, so when I found this wreath that was made of only burlap I fell in love. I started at HL and gathered my supplies (all under $15) seriously! I even looked at the fun fall wreaths they had that were 50% off! Not even close!

Twig wreath ($3.99) Letter ($1.99) Twig garnish ($2.47 x 3) Rose ($3.99) ALL 50% off and 1/2 yard of burlap ($3.99/yd and used 40% off coupon)

Used light weight wire to thread the burlap to scrunch it up (also works better than thread so it doesn't break when you move it around, see later pics).
Hot glue the scrunched burlap onto the wreath. I glued every few inches in case I wanted to move the burlap around.

Here it was after I glued all the burlap on.. Nice but it looked plain, so i twisted the burlap around, tucked it and just moved it to where I liked it.

Glued on the garnishes (I did wrap my garnishes together with the wire to make sure they didn't go anywhere).
Glue on the Flower

I slept on the design to see if I should add anything, and of course, rosettes! I had some muslim material leftover and random fall color material from my scrap pile. I made two of them and found a silver button and glued it on one. Hot glue the rosettes wherever you want them. I like the cluster of items, especially in three's. OCD?! anyway.. I didn't get the idea from anywhere but seeing them EV-E-RY-WHere!! Seriously.. headbands, pillows, purses.. you name rosettes are blingin! Blingin?? really!? whatever.. I looked up some tutorials and this is a pretty close one.. Just don't sew anything.. glue baby.. glue.. Check out that tutorial here.
Hot glue rosettes

  I forgot to take a picture of the steps for the letter, but you get the idea. I spray painted it with standard semi gloss white paint ($.97 @ walmart) and distressed with 80 grit sand paper. I wanted a brown glaze and was out of Ralph Lauren, so I made my own.. lol  not bad for a little project like this. But I used tan acrylic with a wet paper towel and spotted onto the areas that I distressed. I wiped what was left or didnt look good off. And voila! I tied the letter to the wreath using twine (to keep the letter in place, hot glue the letter to the twine, but be sure you like it there). And glue the twine to the area on the wreath you like to secure it in place.

I have a screen door so I secured mine by using wire through the wreath to the door. But a door hanger would be awesome! I even thought about a brown ribbon, but I have no where to hang it, but maybe you do!

 Good luck in your fall decorating!!
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