Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sit and take a rest

Hey all!!
 Some of you know that I was looking to add some seating to our little living room. We have a open floor plan that contains the living and dining room and kitchen.  Its difficult to find the perfect size furniture and the right layout, but like everything else, its a work in progress.

Back to the seating area.. We (cough cough) were looking for matching chairs..
I love the big comfy chairs but the size of them were a little too big for the room.. So I was looking for something slimmer and taller to make it feel bigger.. hmm

So hunting away I found a pair on Craigslist.. Yay! But eyed them for over a week because they were over an hour away.
After a week, the seller lowered the price! I emailed the seller asking if she would mind meeting and that I would love to purchase the chairs!
Bam.. She was so sweet to meet half way and I got the two chairs I was really hoping to get! FOR A STEAL BTW!

They for sure needed some TLC and reupholstering but I was up for the challenge!

Here is the before of these darling chairs... See? Potential right?
yucky yellow and green with the spackle paint job..

And here is the after of them! Beautiful! I love the fabric with its pattern but in a neutral color so I can add some funky pattern/color pillows to it all year long!
Two coats of pebble color spray paint
and a yard of fabric!!


Do you like the table?? Im debating painting the top the same as the bottom. Wasnt sure and ran out of leftover spray paint.. Hmm..