Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just in time for Fall

So every year, around February, when its still cold (cold for me) I hope for June to come so we can enjoy the summer fun. But by this time of year, when I am OVER the heat I look forward to Fall.. The decor, the colors, the smell and of course, the COOLER weather! Paaa---lease hurry up and cool down a bit! I want to be outside with the family. And.... to decorate the house!

So I still have yet to pull down the tub of fall decor, but every year I try to do something new to add to my ever slightly growing pile. I saw this photo on Pinterest, and had to copy it. But, you know me, as cheap as I could. So Dollar Store here I come. I found the standard plastic pumpkins. $1 a piece. Yay! They were a little more at the craft stores. Steal! Here are the pics of how to create a cute center piece like this one for Fall for less than $12.

Remove the stems (they pop right off)
Trusty and favorite color white (Rustoleum in Satin Heirloom White)
Spray the top first and allow to dry completely, turn over and spray again. Light sprays will do it!
Put the stems back on
I used a produce tier, but I may change to cake stand tiers. Display the "grass" (HL $1.67 with coupon) Pretty positive I saw this at the Dollar Tree also in the craft isle.
Display your pumpkins. I also found some small pumpkins to add some color. $1 for the package of 4-5 I think.
There you go! 
Ill post the picture of the cake stand in place of the produce tier.
Hope you like it.. SUPER simple.
I have a few more crafts I'm working on now, so get ready.. I got to spiff up this table piece (which will be getting a new look also) with some more fun decor. See you soon.

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