Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wreath with burlap

So I had a fun  time last night crafting.  I made a fall wreath! I love it!! I got some inspiration from Pinterest.. those of you who love pinterest give me a woot woot! Its a fave! Anyway.. I am obsessed with Burlap, so when I found this wreath that was made of only burlap I fell in love. I started at HL and gathered my supplies (all under $15) seriously! I even looked at the fun fall wreaths they had that were 50% off! Not even close!

Twig wreath ($3.99) Letter ($1.99) Twig garnish ($2.47 x 3) Rose ($3.99) ALL 50% off and 1/2 yard of burlap ($3.99/yd and used 40% off coupon)

Used light weight wire to thread the burlap to scrunch it up (also works better than thread so it doesn't break when you move it around, see later pics).
Hot glue the scrunched burlap onto the wreath. I glued every few inches in case I wanted to move the burlap around.

Here it was after I glued all the burlap on.. Nice but it looked plain, so i twisted the burlap around, tucked it and just moved it to where I liked it.

Glued on the garnishes (I did wrap my garnishes together with the wire to make sure they didn't go anywhere).
Glue on the Flower

I slept on the design to see if I should add anything, and of course, rosettes! I had some muslim material leftover and random fall color material from my scrap pile. I made two of them and found a silver button and glued it on one. Hot glue the rosettes wherever you want them. I like the cluster of items, especially in three's. OCD?! anyway.. I didn't get the idea from anywhere but seeing them EV-E-RY-WHere!! Seriously.. headbands, pillows, purses.. you name rosettes are blingin! Blingin?? really!? whatever.. I looked up some tutorials and this is a pretty close one.. Just don't sew anything.. glue baby.. glue.. Check out that tutorial here.
Hot glue rosettes

  I forgot to take a picture of the steps for the letter, but you get the idea. I spray painted it with standard semi gloss white paint ($.97 @ walmart) and distressed with 80 grit sand paper. I wanted a brown glaze and was out of Ralph Lauren, so I made my own.. lol  not bad for a little project like this. But I used tan acrylic with a wet paper towel and spotted onto the areas that I distressed. I wiped what was left or didnt look good off. And voila! I tied the letter to the wreath using twine (to keep the letter in place, hot glue the letter to the twine, but be sure you like it there). And glue the twine to the area on the wreath you like to secure it in place.

I have a screen door so I secured mine by using wire through the wreath to the door. But a door hanger would be awesome! I even thought about a brown ribbon, but I have no where to hang it, but maybe you do!

 Good luck in your fall decorating!!
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  1. I really like the way you added the burlap on top. Very nice and keep the sharing up.

  2. Thanks for the mention! By the way- I love the burlap and feather combo... and I'm always a sucker for anything monogrammed with a "S".

    This wreath is very cool. ;-)

  3. Awesome!!! Thanks for the step by step!

  4. This is so adorable! I used it for inspiration for my wreath. I put yours on my blog along with mine. Check it out

  5. I LOVE burlap wreaths and this one is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Hello.I was wondering what size of wreath you used so I know how much burlap I need.
    thank you for the fun idea!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! I must try this. Love it. You make it look so easy and it's so beautiful. I love crafts and making things myself. You're so talented.