Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bookcase re-newed

So I have this old bookcase that was given to us.. Not exactly sure where, but we ended up with it.. It certainly needs some life brought back to it. Sooo.. My daughter needs one for all her books in her room and here is my chance to create one.. The top is warped from repeated glasses being placed on it and getting water on it. Its not real wood so Ill be replacing that. and the bottom seems to have some wear as I put it outside and with the monsoon it sat in water for the night. Booo... So Ill be covering it up with pretty molding!! Here is the before... and here is how you can revamp an old, fake wood bookcase and make it look like a million bucks.. ok not a million, but worth more than it was.

The bottom was getting warped from being outside 

After: Notice the molding on the bottom

The top was replaced, so I decided to replace the shelf too.
 This only took a day to complete. I spray painted the bookcase after giving it a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper. While that was drying, I had the hubby cut me my wood and I stained them with walnut cherry. 1 coat, and I didn't wipe it off like it says to. I wanted to see how dark it would get without removing the excess. It turned out perfect. After allowing all pieces to dry, I had the hubs nail the top boards in and add supports with 1x2 for the shelf. And voila! Done! 2 spray cans of Rustoleum Antique white = $3.67/each, 2 1x6x8 = $4/each, walnut cherry stain = $5.97, 1x2 = had on hand. Love it! Total for refinish = $22. All the products can be purchased at Lowe's.. Love this store.. So many amazing products and great service.

Come by soon! I have lots of projects that you will love if you liked this one..

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