Monday, October 17, 2011

And Im back in action..

For the past month I have been on hiatus (spelling, lol) from big home improvement projects. The backyard had taken over the mind, life, month, wallet, and sanity.

The backyard is a place I dream to relax when it starts to cool down. The past few years it has been.. well.. lets just put it this way.. NOT a place of relaxation.

So we have been working hard and getting it ready for a transformation.

Digging up the old grass that could never grow with this Arizona clay we have for dirt.
So here you go. Enough said.. here are some pictures of before and after.
The before is when we finally got the curbing in and were getting the sand down for the synthetic grass, but you will get the idea.. Its not hard to visualize ugly dead grass through out the entire area..
After removing all the dead grass. Curbing installed.
Can't stand messes.. UGh.. This drove me NUTS!
Ready for the after!
 I am so proud.. So proud of the hubby for keeping my eye on the prize.. As many times as I said "Its not gonna get done". He held strong, and like so.. we finished strong! Thanks honey!
Already grilling!! Yes!
Enjoying her new backyard!! Needed to spotlight my little angel for a second!

Now to start enjoying the fall weather as we Arizonians do! This is the best time of the year.. Better enjoy it while it last!
Now to build that outdoor sectional to relax on while little princess is playing! Hmm..
The job is never done is it??!
Oh well.. this one is! THANKFULLY!

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