Monday, February 13, 2012

On a roll..

This week is a week of craziness.. But a full force motivation to get some projects done and fast!

Here are two pieces that I have finished this week.. As my last post was a check list..

Here is two marked off that list!
Woo hoo!!

Here is the desk/vanity that was refinished. It needed some serious TLC. I had an inlay that needed to be covered or fixed since it wasn't in the best condition. The molding on the bottom needed to be reattached. The watermarks that were on the top were rough, but a little TLC, paint and work it turned out beautifully!

Custom mixed paint and chevron pattern on the top with all the original hardware, this is probably one of my faves so far! If only I had all the room in the world.. 

This was all sanded down and cleaned up



This piece was nearly a dumpster deserved piece.. UGLY as put by my neighbor as I was taking before and after photos.. lol

It wasnt pretty to look at before, but some imagination and additives it turned into a beautiful bedside table for our master bedroom. Love it!!

I know.. Gross... But seriously I liked the drawers and detail they had. Hey 1/2 off! Cant beat it!!


Need to add some glass knobs and maybe some more molding at the bottom. But it looks Na-ice!!!
Thank you Mr. S for putting the legs on! It was a little bit of work!

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