Saturday, February 11, 2012

Few new projects in the works..

Ok people.. Can anyone give me advice for how to slow time???

Honestly with so much to do and so much playtime I want to achieve, the days just sail on by.

My neighbor said the other day that "the older we get the faster time goes by" ~Steve~ Thanks :)

That has got to be true... When I was younger and was out all afternoon until dark playing or riding bikes, I felt it lasted forever. Now I take a stroll to the park and half the day is gone.. Where is it going?? Does my brain slow down and not comprehend what is going on during the entire day, except for sporadic moments??

Random.. I know.. But it hit me today that time does fly by.. TOOOOOO FAST!!

So my reason for posting tonight.. I have so many things going on and here are a few sneak peaks of what is to come with what little time I do have..

desk refinish. This needs lots of TLC
all the drawers that go along with it.
night stand.. Yep.. Its U-G-L-Y!! But not when Im done.. I got plans!
These lamps were one of the most perfect finds ever. The cords were even wrapped up pretty. Im pretty sure there are brand new that's how nice they were.. Brass to West Elm inspired Lamps. For $20!! Seriously! For the pair I swear!
Pretty Goblet.. Idea!!
Dresser refinish
Chair that goes with the dresser to refinish..
So yes all of this is in my garage.. Well the furniture anyway..

I am working on each "TO-DO" and trying to do it quickly.. I love spending time with my family, so nap times are my creative and get-er-done time! Wish me luck!!

This is seeming like a list.. so I will use it as my check off list for the next few weeks. Get these done before moving on!! YAY!! A GOAL! Love a goal!

Happy working everyone!

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