Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old brass light to chic chandelier

Hey all! Happy New Year! Its 2012, can you believe it?

Wow! I hope the holiday season was amazing for everyone! It sure was here!

Well with a new year comes new projects. I finished up most of the projects I had laying around but one..

And that one will be finished here shortly.. It was a bet with Mr. S that I lost terribly..

While we had a date night we ran into a GW. I love going to them on date nights, since I can quickly eye the entire store and not worry about my little one getting antsy on me..
Well in the furniture location of GW I found a lovely side table.. hmm.. WILL BE!!

Anyway.. the hubs made a bet that if I could refinish it in a week I could get another piece as soon as I was finished.

Yippee.. Piece of cake.. right?!


The same week I started, my little angel came down with an extremely high fever and ear infection..and since this was the first time she has been sick her entire 19 months of living, it was a big deal to me! So.. that lasted an entire week practically.

Then to add to the already sick week with a little one, I ended up with laryngitis which led to the worst sinus infection..  I guess I can say the worst because it was my first ever!!

So nuff said.. I didnt win.
But that will be done this week, Fo- Sho!

Alright.. My quick one day chandelier transformation..

Found at GW! YAY! Love that place!
 and for.. guess how much..

woot woot!
 yep I think I jumped up and down.

I even told my husband guard the cart while I rushed my angel to the ladies room..

So a little degreaser, light sanding, and spray paint and some serious jig-a-roo from my hubby to put it up (He seriously worked some magic here with parts from another chandelier) and we had a new light in our closet for $3 plus the bulbs so $6..
Love the frosted soft white bulbs.

Can you say awesome!! I love it!
Now to get to that side table!

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