Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Blog of Sweet Passions

Hey Everyone!
  I thank you in advance for visiting my new blog. It means so much to share all that I do with you all! I love to create, refinish, revamp and decorate, so I thought with all the projects I do around the house (which there is always something going on, sometimes too many) I would share all the ideas. I am a stay at home mom while going to nursing school and with that said, the money I spend on projects needs to be minimal, so I try to do everything as cheap as possible, but as classy as possible. Sometimes it turns out awesome, and other times I find that I need to do better (you will see those problems too! EEK!).  But you will be prepared for what NOT to do on those occasions! I hope you all follow along in this journey. I hope for this to reach many people out there! So come along and join in.

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