Thursday, June 23, 2011

Face Lift or New Face??

We bought our Queen Creek home back in June of 2008, and have put in a lot of work to get it to where we are starting to really like it. We are adding our own personality to all the decor, and that is what makes a home a home. Not exactly what a magazine or television show tells you what you should do, but what YOU want to do to make it YOUR home!
  That said, our kitchen counters have been the most irritating part of our kitchen. Who ever thought that white counters looks good was thinking something completely different than I was. I kept thinking what could we do with them. Ok.. lets do granite? Hmm.. Too expensive to put into a house that we wont stay in forever. Anything we thought of seemed to come along with a big price tag. So the creative mind started turning the wheels.
Here are the before and afters and Ill post how I did them soon. They were so easy but took a little patience.

Before with the white counters


After the hardwork
Close up

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