Sunday, November 20, 2011

What have I been up to the last month!

So as you can tell its been a little while. WOW!! A month!! It has flown by!
Well here is a project that I have been working on for a little bit. I am glad to say it is done and I can display it for all you to see!! YAY!!
 My sister-in-law had found a hutch on craigslist for her front room.. Well to say the least, it wasnt the prettiest thing in the world when she bought it! But a transformation was due to give it new life!
Here you are...
Forgive me for taking this as I started priming... And the darkness..
During naps, and after bedtime has arrived is when I get to work on big projects.. So apologize for the dark pictures.. You will get the idea! U-G-L-Y!! It had cracks, sap build up.. Besides that it had good bones and I knew it could be amazing!!
Yes, I store stuff on top of my projects every now and again..
And are you ready for the after??!!
Black enamel with poly sealant! Awesome!!
It is officially done!! Distressed and everything! Love it!! Cant wait to see how she decorates it for the holidays! Thanks for allowing me to conquer this bad boy!! Enjoy it!

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